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As you can see, we have an all-new web site where we are working to move all of our information and pictures that were originally hosted with Google Sites. Unfortunately, their format just didn't work for what we wanted to do--there weren't very good page themes available and the program was not that user-friendly. So hopefully we will bring to you a new and improved site here on Weebly! And yes, one that will be updated on a regular basis... Our apologies for slacking off with the Google site, but we just couldn't bear to deal with it.

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And we should note that the site is currently under some serious construction. At some point, Melissa hopes to have more time to devote to this site, adding pictures, updating the blog, and more!

About Us

We were married on May 17th, 2008 and celebrated our first year of marriage earlier this year with weekend getaway to Callaway Gardens. Our "first married year" included getting settled together in Melissa's (now our) townhome in Canton, GA, where we have enjoyed making the house into a home. Please be sure to visit our townhouse page so you can see everything we've accomplished! The page is still a work in progress but we hope to get it completely updated soon! (As soon as Melissa has some time off, perhaps!)

As of August 2009, Melissa is back with B&N College Bookstores as the Assistant Manager at Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech. In June Melissa left Russell Athletic after working there for three years, since their corporate office  moved to Bowling Green, KY.  She came on board with the Licensed Products division as their Operations Coordinator in 2006 , and was promoted after a year to a Senior Sales Analyst, and a few months after that was promoted to Account Executive. Before Russell, she spent 5 years with Barnes & Noble College Bookstores as a student bookseller at W&M,  and upon graduation went on to be the Community Relations Coordinator and then Buyer at Georgia Tech.  Of course, she also has a passion for books and reading, and would really love to own an Independent bookstore that she could tie in with her book blog, Melissa's Bookshelf! She is also looking into the possibility of starting to work part-time in legal transcription, with the hope of eventually moving to that career full-time from home at some point down the road.

As for J. B., he made the move back to part-time status in October of 2008 after nearly 2 years as a Produce Manager for Kroger.  This move enabled him to move to a store in Woodstock, just 20 minutes away, which was a nice change after working down in Stockbridge, south of Atlanta.  He's been with Kroger for over 13 years now, and continues to work there while he finishes school.  He has finished his first two semesters at Kennesaw State University  and is currently enrolled in their summer session, on track to graduate in Spring of 2011. He's studying for a degree in Business Administration, specifically Marketing. He's ready for what he calls a "real job!"

We are both very fortunate to be doing well and growing in our respective situations.  We're looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish as we continue to grow and change. And the best part is that we get to do this together!

Last updated May 21, 2010.